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Sky3ds plus/Sky3ds+ card: Best Flashcard to play Free 3DS GAMES IN 2020!!!

The Sky3ds+ flashcad plays free 3DS games even on 3DS V11.13 and our Store giveS you the best price, shipping and payment for getting the Sky3ds plus. You can pickup shippments from USA and EU, Paypal payment and use a Coupon code to buy the Sky3ds+.

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Sky3ds plus/Sky3ds+ card: Top 1 Flashcard to buy for Playing Nearly Every 3DS Game!

The Sky3ds+ flashcad plays free 3DS games for you and our Store gives you the best price, shipping and payment for buying the Sky3ds plus. You can pickup shipping from USA and EU, 3 to 7 Day's Delivery to USA and France.

Plus: If you also want to play DS Games, we recommend you choose R4I SDHC 3DS RTS& Sky3ds+, now it sales 85.55$

Sky3ds+ is working on all Nintendo 3DS (XL), 2DS, NEW 3DS (XL) and NEW 2DS XL devices, hack any firmware and region version, and it works with the exclusive free tool called Skydock to play 3ds games online.

It's the best 3ds game flashcard with a simple setup, fits to kids, lazy gamer and you!

Sky3ds+ Review

Pros + Good build quality - an improvement over the previous revisions
+ Ease of use, the cartridge is almost entirely operated by drag & drop. 
+ Replacing the single button with a Forwards/Backwards button pair greatly improved navigation of the ROMs on the SD card
+ The optimized firmware greatly reduced the time it takes to switch games
+ The Micro USB port allows for quickly modifying the SD contents without carrying any extra hardware other than a USB cable
+ Updatable firmware makes this project much more future-proof than its predecessors
+ The cartridge is fully compatible with NINJHAX 2.9, allowing for the use of Homebrew and booting Out-of-Region ROMs
Cons - Game switch is a little boring, you should still change game by pressing buttons.
- Due to the nature of how this flashcart operates, it doesn't support Homebrew or Region-Free launching natively
Final Words The Sky3DS+ is the perfect flashcart for the "lazy gamer". It's no-nonsense plug & play at its finest - you throw ROMs at it and it just works.

Useful Tools for Sky3ds plus

  • Official Site - Download Sky3ds+ Firmware from its official site, you can also get a free Skydock from us to play 3ds games online Without Ban.
  • NINJHAX 2.9 - This 3DS utility by @smealum is your gateway to the wonderful world of 3DS homebrew, Region-Free gaming, performance modifications and more! This Beta build is compatible with the latest (11.13.0-45) firmware, too!
  • SD Formatter 5.0.1 - This PC utility is the ultimate SD cleaner. For best possible performance, stick your SD cart into your reader and give this bad boy a spin - you won't regret it!

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Cant sky 3dsplus work with 11.13

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Free shipping also send me the tracking number

I am in Seville. I receive my package in three weeks with free shipping

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sky3ds+ works well on my 3ds

It works great, I would introduce my friends to buy in your store again.

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Verified purchase


thank you !!fast shipping in austria(GLS) and perfect condition!! will buy again
a suprise was for me when i opened the package and found skydock also inside thank you!

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I love your site customer service

Customer service is too good.It is really step by step teach you how to get it and finally succeed.Thank you very much!

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