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Here to buy best quality Microsd cards for R4 3DS, StarGate, SKY3DS+, SX Pro, SX OS and other modchips to 3DS or Nintendo Switch. You can choose Pure Empty SD Card or Pre-install SD Card from us. 

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There's Micro SD cards can work in your Cell Phones, MP3, Cameras, R4, 3DS Flashcards, Nintendo Switch or other devices before format. The preloaded SD Cards are Exclusively for Switch console users, buy it with Xeucter SX ProSX OS License or any other Switch device, you can Get 5$ Off.

News: Use Our SD card You can play Zelda Link's Awakening and all Games released in September.

Shipping: The default shipping method is DHL, so you can receive the SD Card in 3 to 5 working days.

Our Mirco SD Cards with fast reading and writing speed. All of our memory card is class 10. You can play game fluently with this sd card.

Recommend 8/16gb micro sd for R4 3ds cards,  32/64gb for Stargate 3DS and Sky3ds+/Sky3d plus, 128/256gb for your Nintendo Switch. 

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