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Switch SX OS-SX OS License code for booting OS CFW on your Nintendo Switch, Shipping No Need, Instant Delivery, Full in Stock.

Team Xecuter's SX OS Code is the item here, it's used for getting the full functions of SX OS CFW. Only get one SX OS license code, you can use features like emulating gamecard, homebrew install, emunand setup, cheat code adds and more on Nintendo Switch.

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News: We provide Pre-install SD Card Service, you can tell me your Special Need via email to [email protected] or you can check the full list here.

The latest SX OS 2.8 can support on Firmware up to 8.1.0, Note, SX OS CFW can't work on All Switch consoles, before you buy it, please check your console Hacking Status via here: https://ismyswitchpatched.com/.

The Best Switch modchip, Team Xecuter SX Pro contains the SX OS Code in the dongle, here's SX OS license is only a Code. But buy only a SX OS license key, you can still hack the Nintendo Switch console for emulating gamecard, running homebrew, installing emunand, adding Cheats code in gameplay.

Switch SX OS Review

Pros Cons
Team Executor provides support and constant updates Possibility of being banned from online
SX OS Code is No need for Shipping
Compatible with All Firmwares
Great game and homebrew compatibility
Hardware exploit ensures a future proof exploit (for current switch model)
Supports Emunand, Cheats, HDD USB device, Stealth mode and more.

Overall, the Xecuter SX OS is a great custom firmware that is polished and works with little to no bugs. With frequent updates and support and the fact that the SX OS license will receive a lifetime of updates, it is a great value for the price.

If you want to get into the world of Switch custom firmware and don’t mind playing offline (or have a dedicated Switch for hacks), we highly recommend you to buy the SX OS Code. It is worth it for its many features and convenience.

SX OS Instant Delivery via Paypal

How to receive the SX OS code immediately after payment? Here are the steps. Selly.gg links for getting SX OS LICENSE in 3 minutes are in this Discord Server.

Choose one of links in Selly-links Channel, make sure it has enough Stock.

Order and pay on Selly.gg site, it will redirect you to paypal.com.

Send payment and waiting for the email from Selly.gg system.

In 5 minutes, you will get the SX OS license code-a 12 digits code in an email.

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Securely and instantly

In their discord server, you can find the selly link to buy the sx os, paypal payment and sx os code arrives in email automatically

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so fast recieve my sx os license

I really like your guys support PayPal, so fast receive sx os code via my mail, I have download sx os manual from Team Xecuter and hacked my switch, everything works, ncie

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Instant delivery

I buy it on Sunday, via their Selly-link Channel in Discord, receive immediately in my email, I will recommend you to everyone I know.

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SX OS Arrived in Spam Folder

I found your os code email in my spam folder, why it's there? Anyway, it's a fast delivery though I order in weekend.

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OS Code works

This seller can be trusted, I followed the guide on Discord and received the os license as promised, thanks.

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