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Classic 2 Magic lets you play physical SNES games on your SNES Classic. It also works with the NES Classic Eidtion for playing Super Famicom carts and supports 20 different retro systems games via emulation.

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Classic 2 Magic

SNES Classic Edition is limited to play only 20 SENS games, Don't worry, this new third-party Magic accessory is here for you: The Classic 2 Magic, or C2M. This device literally lets you play all your original SNES cartridges on the SNES Classic Edition.

The “Classic 2 Magic” is an attachment for the SNES Classic Edition that will allow gamers to load a non-included video games onto the current 16-bit clone. Installing the device to the system requires only the included USB cable and a power source, and does not require any soldering or modification to the SNES Classic.

Not only will the “Classic 2 Magic” be compatible with original Super Nintendo cartridges, but it will also support any SNES cartridge from any region as well. In addition, it will also play backup game ROM images for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom via the built inUSB drive. The device can also copy the ROM image from the original game cartridge to it’s own internal memory, without the need of special software.

Another feature of CQM is that the item will also work with the 8-bit NES/Famicom Classic Mini Editions (and the Weekly Shōnen Jump) systems as well. Of course, the direct cartridge connection would not allow 8-bit games to be loaded by this method, but using the USB drive for loading additional ROM images on to the NES Classic Editions would work.

You can also create a variety of different USB drives with different setups of various consoles and game libraries. This virtually permits unlimited storage space for larger libraries of games.

Setup and Features

Download the software via the USB drive and install it on the C2M which takes roughly two minutes to complete. Then insert your favorite game into the C2M’s slot, boot up your system, and chose the first option. Voila! You can now play your physical SNES cartridges.

  • If you also happen to own Super Famicom Classic Mini, NES Classic EditionFamicom Classic Mini, or Gold Famicom Classic Mini, fear not, it will still work.
  • Supports SNES and Super Famicom cartridges.
  • Will not brick your console.
  • Lets you add extra emulator systems such as NES, Gameboy, master system, as well as Roms.
  • Supports unlimited customization for advanced users.

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