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Buy the EZ Flash Omega or EZFlash Omega for playing GBA/GB/GBC/NES games, it's the best GBA flashcart with compatibility to all GBA/GBASP/NDS/NDSL consoles. It's also very cheap but with a list of powerful functions, such as Cheats, RTC, Real-time save and many other features. Just get one here with One Week Delivery from USA or FR.

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EZFlash Team releases A New Product, EZ-Flash Junior, flash cart for GB&GBC games to All Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance / Gameboy Advance SP systems.

Buy the EZFlash Omega flashcart for playing GBA/GB/GBC/NES games, it's the Best GBA FLASH CARD with compatibility to all GBA/GBASP/GBM/NDS/NDSL consoles. It's also very cheap but with a lot of powerful functions, such as Cheats, RTC, Real-time save and many other features. Just get one here with Free WorldWide Shipping or 7-Days Delivery from USA or France.

Details of EZ Flash Omega

We are happy to introduce the 2019 EZ Flash OMEGA - The evolution of one of the best Gameboy Advance and GPA SP Flashcarts available. With added features and even more compatibility, the EZ-FLASH Omega continues to improve and impress with the low-cost feature filled card.

Each EZ Flash Omega takes everything that the EZ Flash IV and EZ FLASH Reform had, and improves upon those foundations to make the very best GBA Flashcart on the market today. 

Unlike other GBA Flashcarts that can easily cost over $120.00 and don't offer any features or functions that are already included in the EZ-Flash Omega cards, the EZ-Flash is an affordable card that includes the NEWEST Version 2.x Kernel support and allows you to use up to 128GB micro SD Cards for the ultimate all in one solution. 

EZflash Omega-Best GBA flashcart

  • Extremely Simple to use flashcart for all your Gameboy Advance / Gameboy Advance SP / NDS needs.
  • Supports both NDS (passcard required) and GBA ROMs. 
  • Works in the Slot 1 port of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite with excellent GBA games support.
  • Allows use of classic game system emulators for NES, Gameboy, PC Engine and much more!
  • Full support for TXT file reading.
  • Watch movies and videos on your Gameboy Advance / SP console with the media player.
  • Instant Game Load! Save States, Real Time Clock, Sleep, Cheats, 256mb PRAM
  • Supports all games! 512mb NORflash keeps favorite games. GBA, NES, GB, and GBC. No need to patch game files
  • Supports up to 128GB microSD/SDHC memory card directly (just plug and play!).
  • Compatible with Mother 3 MOM3 English patch! Consoles NDS, DS, GBA, GBAP
  • Consoles NDS, DS, GBA, GBAP. Works with all GBA Slot1 console machines. 
  • And much, much more!

EZ-Flash Omega Review

The Cartridge

The most powerful micro controller chip is assembled to make this little monster roaring. All codes are rewritten from scratch to drive the kernel OS running faster and more stable. Building a big and clumsy cartridge is an easy work, but it does not meet our tradition. We did hard work on reducing the cartridge size to fit both the NDS Lite and GBA slot, mounting so many complex components on the tiny PCB without any sacrifice on functions which can be called a masterpiece.

The Power

The first goal of EZ-FLASH OMEGA is to solve the biggest problem of all existing flashcarts: keeping the save data by battery. We’ve heard so many complaints about customers losing their precious save when battery dies. We have turn this mission impossible into possible by using the powerful micro controller chip. All game’s save data are written to microSD card directly after in-game save behavior. The cartridge is working flawless even without a battery, so the battery on the cartridge is used by real time clock only.

The game loading speed was improved by the power of micro controller chip, transferring data to PSRAM is using DMA instead GBA BUS. It just takes 3 seconds to load up a 32MB game.

You get all of the features and functions of much more expensive option - and even some features and functions that are not included in those expensive options - for a price that is less than half of any other cards.

There's no more need for any EZ Writer software or any file conversions. The EZ-Flash Omega is a pure Drag-and-drop solution for any files. It also supports NES and Gameboy files in the same way and will load them right from the menu. Simply copy and paste/drag and drop all of your .gba and .sav files for quick and easy use.  

It's a dual mode flash card with a dual boot option. If you insert it into a Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP or a Nintendo DS with the GBA slow it will boot up in GBA mode. If inserted into a DS and DS mode is selected, it will boot in DS mode with a passme or passkey.

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The best GBA Card

The information in my tracking number was initially updated slowly, and I was worried. The store explained the reason and arrived a few days later. Thank you.

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best GBA Flashcard

Unlike other sites that sell this product, customer service here is excellent. I sent them a question via email and their response was sent immediately. I am very happy to have found this website.

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I will buy for the second time

6 days to Germany with the selection of THE POST for shipping to the EU, I agree with the speed and the price, I hope to get a regular discount for the customer in my purchase next month

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The great gift for my son

I bought this for my son and he loves it.Thanks.

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Thanks for the good customer service

Customer service is too good. It's really step by step to teach you how to get it and finally succeed. Thank you so much!

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