Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2019 to 2020

That's right, is starting to offer every customer the Cheap and Must to have Accessories for Nintendo Switch consoles, our old flashcards like the R4i 3ds SDHC and Sky3ds+ are selling greatly for Nintendo 3DS devices, but we also want to serve for people who have the latest Nintendo Switch machine.

So from now on, we will search in the whole market and find you the cheap & functional Nintendo Switch Accessory. Till for the time we writing, there are 6 ones can be recommended highly. I will show you them one by one.

No.1 N2 Elite NFC Toy Emulator for NEW 3DS/3DS/Switch

N2 Elite is a Nintendo Switch flashcard too, but unlike all the aboves ones, N2 Elite doesn't hack the Switch 6.2.0 console to play free games, it is the Amiibo flashcart, which emulates and collects around 200 Amiibos on Nintendo Switch, Wii U and NEW 3DS XL, 2DS XL devices.

The N2 Elite is a small device, about the size of an Amiibo’s base, works with the aid of an Android phone that supports NFC. Or if you buy the N2 USB NFC Reader, Android device is no need any more. The device allows you “emulate” any Amiibo figurines as your wish, and can store 200 maximum. In this case, one does not need to buy the Amiibo characters at all. The N2 Elite is not merely working on 3DS, N3DS, WII U and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles too. And this disc is also named Amiiqo, after that changes the name to N2 Elite.

  1. Collects figurines and keeps them safe
  2. Plug and Play
  3. Up to 200 charaters
  4. Easy switch mode
  5. Android compatible, support PC or OSX computer too if in the use of USB NFC reader/writer.
  6. Compatible Nintendo Switch, Wii-U & New3DS/New 2DS XL
  7. Compatible with 3DS / 3DS XL and 2DS (requires Amibo 3DS / 2DS player from Nintendo)
  8. Firwmare updatable

NO.2 Switch Controller Converter for PS3/PS4/XBOXONE


COOV N100 is a simple Nintendo Switch Controller Converter with Somatosensory Vibration function for PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 Controller owners. Buy COOV N100 you can combine NX/Switch with these video game consoles' gamepads such as PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360. With it, you have no need to buy the expensive official Switch controller if you already had one PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 joystick/gamepad. Yes, it means that, COOV N100 allows users to apply PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 controller on Nintendo Switch. So all of you can have a good gaming experience while using these classic game controller to play games on Nintendo Switch.

Functions and Features

  • Plug and play - No extra setting,nosoftware,easy setup and play once connected.
  • Full Compatibility - You can make your own PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 controller compatible with Nintendo Switch.
  • Support TV Mode and Handheld Mode - You need to connect the converter to the Switch via a Type-C OTG 3.1 cable or connector (Type-C converter to USB 3.1) when in handheld mode.It will be more convinient,quick and no delay.
  • Support Vibration - Our converter support vibration.But you need to download the latest upgrade file V5.7 and bin it into the converter. We will fix bug and keep update to add supporting more controller/gamepad. If you need to upgrade, please send e-mail to [email protected] and we will give you the latest upgrade file.
  • Compact design - Same size with normal USB disk,dosen't take much space in your gaming center
  • Firmware updatable-It will have unlimited features and functions for the regular firmware upgrading.

NO.3 Nintendo Switch USB Type-C HDMI Adapter

Kacosata Nintendo Switch Dock USB-C Type HDMI Adapter is something you can replace the original Nintendo Switch Dock. Much cheaper to buy, less weight to bring, cooler to use and with great precision, colors and resolutions(1080P) for outputting Video & Audio from Switch to your TV or other Big Monitors/Screens. It is not the original Nintendo Switch Dock for the TV Mode, but a better replacement, if you want to have a cheaper, lighter, cooler Dock for Nintendo Switch, which also can display Videos & Audios perfectly to big screen, that is this Nintendo Switch Mini USB-C type HDMI Adapter.

Why we need to buy this Nintendo Switch HDMI Adapter?

A. Nintendo Switch USB-C Type HDMI Adapter is much cheaper.
The retail price of original Switch Dock is $89 while our Switch Dock alternative is only $39.99 to buy one. For $39.99 you can pick up the Kacosata, a portable Switch Dock andan USB-C to HDMI cable.

B. Nintendo Switch Dock USB-C to HDMI is more portable and lighter.
The compact design of this alternative NS Dock allows you to put it in your pockets and all travel bags. Play games on a big screen when going to your friends’ house and traveling. With Kocosata adapter, your Nintendo Switch is accessible at anytime and anywhere.

C. Kocosata NS Switch HDMI Adapter solves Wrapping and Overheating
The dock released by Nintendo Switch will block the air vent at the bottom, which may lead to warping and overheating. Kocosata adapter connects the Nintendo Switch via external wiring, without blocking the air vent, eliminating any possibility of warping and improving airflow when used with a stand.

NO.4 Nintendo Switch Portable Bank Power 10000mAh

Our this Portable power for Nintendo Switch is not merely a simple power bank, it is also equipped with a built-in playstand holder or base bracket for NX consoles. Plus, you can also use this Switch external battery pack on Iphone 7 and other smartphones. With a TYPE-C usb cable, N-Switch power can be charged fully in just 2.5 hours.

Here is the Nintendo Switch console playstand holder as well as the portable power bank support 10000mAh. Yes, buy this external battery pack for Nintendo Switch, you can use it as a console base bracket and a move power supply case too. What's more, it is compatible with both Nintendo Switch gaming device and Smartphones and Tablets and Laptops with a TYPE-C port.

This advanced and multi-functional N-Switch portable battery allows you charge a smartphone or a tablet quickly. It's the built-in USB Type-C port that has the voltage the Nintendo Switch requires for charging and gaming. The battery charges in just 2.5 hours.

It is so portable and compact, easily for carring, allows you extend the time to enjoy the wonderful nintendo games wherever you are at home, in the bus or on the train, relieve the monotony on the go.

NO.5 Switch Fast Charing Cheap AC Adaptor/Charger

If you wan to have a cheap but fast charging Power supply charger AC adaptor for Nintendo Switch console, this original Kacosata one is for you. It is supporting both portable and dock modes, also letting you charge on the go when in a game.Yes, from here, you can buy a premium and lower price charger AC adaptor for Nintendo Switch NX console.

Plug in and power up! This Kacosata AC Adapter Charger for Nintendo Switch allows you to power your console via a 1.5m USB Type-C cable. The adapter also charges your device while plugged in. Plug in the AC adapter and power your Nintendo Switch system from any 100-240 volt outlet. The Switch NX console Charger AC adapter also allows you to recharge the battery, even while you play.

NO.6 Switch(NS) Ajustable and Folder Stand Holder or Base Bracket

New arrival and best Stand console bracket For Nintendo Switch is here to buy. It is from 3rd party called Kacosata and with collapsible&non-slip design, easy to carry when you are in a trip. Kacosata playstand desktop stand for Nintendo Switch is also featuring with multi-angles and 3 adjustable heights.

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