If you are looking for anything about R4 3DS, this page is all about that. We also find out and list the Top 7 R4 cards for Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL consoles in all years, so you can pickup one and use it to play Free games, homebrews and apps.

Top 7 R4 Cards for 3DS-All Years

1. R4i gold 3ds plus


R4i GOLD PLUS 3DS, this R4i gold runs DS softwares and also lets you use NTRBootHax. It comes preflashed, so you can choose to use it as a normal DS flashcard or using it for NTRBootHax by changing the switch position.

Its firmware, WoodR4 is a very well known alternative kernel that has been developed for a long time. So it's with high compatibility with DS softwares&games. I've tried some conflictive games due to their AP patches as it's the case of Pokemon White 2, which is working correctly.

It comes with switch at D side as default, namely, this flash card works as normal R4i Gold 3DS RTS. While set switch at N side, it comes preflashed with ntrboot. If you're going to make use of NTRBootHax is an option to consider as it makes the process easier by changing the mode with a switch.

R4I 3DS GOLD PLUS card is the Most Recommended R4 card in all years. 

2. R4i sdhc rts 3ds


R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card, is an upgrade R4 3DS card developed from www.r4i-sdhc.com. This red box RTS version is not only compatible with DS gaming on NEW 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 2DS XL, 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi XL, DSi, DS Lite and DS Phat, but it also supports ntrboot / boot9strap flashing to your 3DS system to play downloaded 3DS games.

3. R4i b9s 3ds


R4i-B9S is a new compatible DS/DSi flashcart that is pre-flashed NTRboothax. With R4i-B9S, you can easily install boot9strap and Luma 3DS CFW on your 3DS, NEW 3DS or 2DS, New 2DS XL console with any firmware version. R4i-B9S works on newest 3DS v11.13.0-45 and supports region-free 3ds games after installed B9S/3DS CFW.

4. R4i gold pro 2020


2020 R4i Gold Pro 3ds is the Cheapest R4 which is developed by R4isdhc.com. It integrates rapid kernel update, simple operation and great cost performance..

The new 2020 R4 3DS card supports playing DS games on All NDS series, 3DS series consoles, no firmware limit! In addition to work with the official kernel, it's also compatible with the third party revision YS integration core to remove the Timebomb.

5. R4isdhc dual core 2020


The Dual-Core R4 3DS supports the Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL (LL) and DSi / DSi XL (LL). It is compatible with almost all DS games. Further, a R4i 3ds Dual Core supports up to V11.13.0-45.

It supports moonshell that can play mp3, video and also read books. R4iSDHC Dual Core supports Action Replay cheat. It is a good flash cartridge for your 3DS and New3DS.

In addition to support the official kernel, also support the third party revision YS integration core to remove the Timebomb.

6. R4isdhc rts lite 2020


R4 3DS RTS Lite 2020 is the most expensive one out of the 3 R4isdhc flashcards. In fact, they are working with the same firmware or kernel, the only difference is that, they are with Different packages. It's still a DS game flash card and works on every 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL consoles too.

7. R4i gold eu 3ds


R4i Gold EU is compatible up to 2DS/3DS/3DSXL 11.13.0 DSI/DSI XL 1.4.5. The R4i Gold EU 3DS has a very fashion interface and easy to use, fully configurable with skins to change the appearance. Supports DS games, homebrews and RTS features like other R4 3DS cards.

What are their differences?

Table updated on Aug 24th, 2019.

R4 Card




or Kernel


NTR Boothax


RTS and Cheats

R4I GOLD 3DS PLUS R4ids.cn Wood V1.64 No Pre-flashed NTR



Yes $20.88
R4I SDHC 3DS RTS R4i-sdhc.com V1.85B Yes Support



Yes $17.56
R4I B9S 3DS R4i-sdhc.com V1.85B Yes Pre-flashed NTR



Yes $19.5
R4I GOLD PRO 2019 R4isdhc.com V4.0B Yes Support



Yes $14.88
R4I DUAL CORE 3DS R4isdhc.com V4.0B Yes Support



Yes $16.5
R4I RTS LITE 2019 R4isdhc.com V4.0B Yes Support



Yes $18.88
R4I GOLD EU 3DS R4i-gold.eu V1.74B Yes Support



Yes $17.89

How to choose among the 7 R4 3DS Cards?

Setup Guides of R4 3DS Flashcards in 2020

Setup R4 card on 3DS is Super Easy and Simple! Every R4 3ds card can be installed on the Nintendo DS or 3DS system handheld with a similar way. You just need to prepare a clean Microsd card, a usb card reader(comes with the R4 package usualy) and a computer with Internet.

1.Prepare one micro sd card which capacity does not exceed 64GB(Recommend 8-32GB C4-C10 speed), FAT32 format;
2.Download corresponding R4i kernel from official website: R4ids.cn/R4i-sdhc.com/R4isdhc.com
3.Extract the inside files of R4 firmware to the micro sd card root directory(Don't put them in a folder, just in the root of micro sd card), copy games to micro sd card root directory, plug and play.

R4 3DS cards can be also used to play GBC, GB, SNES, NES, N64 and many other retro games. For playing them via the R4 flashcard, you just need to download emulators and the games to the sd card as well, so you can play them. If you are looking for the guide, email us to get, [email protected]

All FAQs about R4 3DS XL

Q: Can R4 card play 3DS Games?
A: No, R4 flashcard is playing Nintendo DS games, if you want to Buy a cart to play 3DS Games, the Sky3ds+ is what you need. It's playing .3ds roms with plug and play method on any 3DS console.

Q: Need R4 card work on Custom Firmware?
A: No, R4 card works directly on 3DS System, no need for installing Custom firmware or Emunand.

Q: What's R4 timebomb and how to resolve it?
A: R4 timebomb is the software stops your flashcard working after a certain number of days from installation. Many 3ds R4 cards have the Timebomb, so just stay away from all of those cards.

To remove the Timebomb of R4 flashcards, you have 2 methods. 1. Putting YSmenu as your R4i card kernel. 2. Rolling back the clock on your 3DS. The current R4 cards with Timebomb can work to the year 2024.

Q: Should you buy R4 card from Amazon, Ebay, Newegg or Aliexpress?
A: You would better NOT. R4 card is the Piracy things, which are not allowed to sell in Amazon, Ebay, Newegg or Aliexpress sites. Even you can find some retailers there, their lists will be removed soon. So you can never enjoy any After-sale Service.

Q: Where is the legit place to buy R4 3ds?
A: No worry, you can buy from online R4 stores. There are many R4 card shops on the Internet which supports Global shipping, most of them are sending flashcarts from China. But we, Anxchip.com, we are renting warehouses in both USA and France

So if you buy any 3DS R4 card from us, you can select the Local Carrier in US or FR. Then fast shipping plus No Tax, you will get what you want with the Best Service.

Q: Which R4 card supports NTRboothax?
A: NTRboothax, or the NTRbooth Method, which is an easy and all system supported way to install CFW on Nintendo 3DS consoles. It requires a flashcard to work, many DS flashcarts are compatible with it.

They are the pre-flashed R4i gold 3ds plus, R4i 3ds b9s and the non-preflash R4i gold pro, R4isdhc rts lite, r4 3ds dual core, r4i gold eu 3ds and so on.

Download Firmwares, Emulators and Homebrews for R4/R4i

Download R4i gold wood firmware

Download r4 3ds firmware

Download R4 b9s 3ds firmware

Download R4i gold pro firmware

Download R4 3ds dual core firmware

Download R4i silver rts lite firmware

Download R4i gold eu 3ds firmware


Rick Dangerous 2 - DS and 3DS Homebrew Game. Classic Platform Action At It's BEST!

Download Here


Thanks to the months of hard work by the headsoft team of homebrew developers, you can replay Warhawk, a remake of an old classic C64 game on your Nintendo DS, Dsi or nintendo 3DS with the r4.  

It's faithful and true to the original, with updated sounds and better visuals - but the base game play remains the same.

Download Warhawk DS v1.02 (EFS version)
Download Warhawk DS v1.02 (FAT version) 


Lameboy DS is an emulator for the Nintendo DS console that allows users to emulate their Gameboy™ or Gameboy Color™ games on the newer system.

This is perhaps the absolute best Gameboy and Gameboy Color Emulator for the Nintendo DS, DS lite, Nintendo DSi XL and the new Nintendo 3DS.

While there are other emulators out there, Lameboy takes the cake, and lets you really enjoy all of those great old classic GBC games, without having to hunt for a Gameboy Color.

Download Lameboy


Minecraft On Your Nintendo 3DS?  Yes, almost, and it's called DSCraft!

This freeware/homebrew game is a perfect remake of Minecraft for the Nintendo DS, DSI and Nintendo 3DS and any R4 3DS card.  

And best of all, because it is freeware, it's absolutely FREE for you to download and play!

Download DSCraft For Nintendo 3DS


NitroGrafx is a PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator for the NDS and 3DS, it can also emulate some of the (Super) CD-ROM^2 & Arcade Card.

Classic games like R-Type, Street Fighter II Championship, Bonk and so much more!

One of the best emulator out there for your R4! Download Nitrografx


GameYob, the latest Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS. All ready for your retro gaming pleasure on the R4 3DS card.  

It has plenty of features that makes it a very complete application, like save states, mappable buttons, fast forwarding, rumble pak support and much more.

At present it has ever growing compatiblity and is already faster than LameBoy.

Download GameYob


NesDS, the amazing NES Emulator for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSI (and XL) as well as the Nintendo 3DS.  

With your R4 3DS you'll be able to get down and play all of your favorite retro and classic games with ease.  

Huge enhancements for compatibility as well as much better speed on many of the games. 

Download the latest version NesDS


ZXDS - The ZX Spectrum Emulator For Your Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi / DSi XL Consoles.

ZXDS has been updated to 1.3.3

Click Here To Download ZXDS


Stella DS -It is an excellent Atari 2600 emulator for the Nintendo DS. All games I tried ran with no glitches or sound issues.

The Atari 2600 Emulator For Nintendo 3DS XL And The R4 3DS.



Play your classic Apple 2 Games On Your Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and the Nintendo 2DS With the A2DS Apple 2 Emulator with the R4 3DS.



JenesisDS, is a Sega Genesis emulator for the Nintendo DS&3DS.

It's the best available emulator for the R4 3DS and Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL systems to bring back the old school games you loved on your 16-bit Sega console.  

JenesisDS does a great job of putting some of the best retro sonic games right on to your favorite hand held system!



FrodoDS, the C64 emulator for the R4 3DS Cards and your favorite hand held game system.

The amazing Commodore 64, now brought to life on your Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, Nintendo DS, DS lite and DSi systems thanks to it.

To this date it hold the title of the best selling computer of all time, and that's 30 years later.

No wonder there were thousands and thousands of games for this amazing 8-bit computer/game system.

Download FrodoDS


S8DS is a SEGA Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000 emulator for the console, it can also play some Coleco games if you add it's Bios.

It emulates the Sega Master System and the Sega Game Gear along with other 8 bit systems.

The Rom in ZIP format are supported and must be in a directory named s8ds to root of your card.

I tested about a dozen Game Gear and SMS games and all ran flawlessly.

You can now re-live those great Sega Game Gear games on your Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL and New 3DS XL with the R4 3DS And the S8DS emulator.


ColecoDS is a ColecoVision emulator for the Nintendo DS platform.

Those of you old enough to remember the glory days of home consoles will have no doubt heard of the ColecoVision.

To use this emulator, you must have compatibles ROMS with .ROM or .COL extension.

It boasted better sound, better greaphics and a really neat controller to boot.

With the Coleco DS emulator, you can play all of your old school retro collecovision games right on your Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS system.

Download ColecoDS v2.1


Gbaemu4DS, support playing GBA Games On Your Nintendo NDS And R4 3DS Card.

The R4 3DS offers up a whole world of classic gaming, and with this NDSGBA emulator, you can play GBA Games, applications and homebrew on your Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS. 

Download GBA Emulator for R4 3DS Cards


SNEmulDS, one of the most popular SNES emulator for Nintendo DS.

It's the successor to SnezziDS. Compatibility is high, the sound is great, and most games are playable with a bit of layer priority tweaking.

Play SNES Games On Your Nintendo 3DS XL and 2DS And R4 3DS Card.

Download SNES Emulator for R4 Cards

Lastly, the Major function of R4 card is to hack Nintendo 3DS&NDS platforms to play free DS games. The DS roms are easy to find online, you can download from many websites, just Google. If you still feel it's Hard to find DS games by youself, then Join in our Discord Server, DM to Allen3ds, we will share you the safe&easy sites to download Free Nintendo DS and 3DS Games.