In order to send products to customers asap, we have rented many warehouses all over the world.

  • For American customers, most of the flashcarts are sent from the USA CA PICO directly.
  • For French and other European customers, you will receive the card from Paris.

Because we send the card from the local warehouse, so the shipping time usually takes only 3-5 working days. It does not only save your time but also avoid the Customs problem. For other customers in other countries, you can enjoy our global register air mail service or DHL worldwide service. All the packages from have tracking numbers so you can trace the information online. Fast, stable, safe!

Huge selections and professional service

Nintendo 3ds/2ds V 11.9.0-42

Not like some little sites, which only sell one brand card or even fake card to customers. We sell all of the flashcards in good quality. We provide 100% original card, no fake. We accept Return and Exchange, no worry.

Money back guarantee

reliable r4 3ds site

  1. If package is lost or broken during the shipping.We Refund.
  2. If you don't want get the card before shipping, we refund.
  3. If the card has problem after delivery, we refund.


Professional after-sale service

download r4 3ds game

We update our blog regulaly so we always have staff over there. Not like many little sites which only want to sell the card and don't provide any service. If you have any problem on the flashcarts or NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS/DSi/DS, you can send email to us [email protected], we will reply within 24 hours during the working days.Our site is a long time flashcart site and we does business on flashcarts for years. Our Customer-targeted service including them.

  • We will teach you how to setup the card on your console.
  • We will comparison different flashcarts for you to let you choose the right one.
  • We will share the latest news on flashcart and 3ds news.
  • We will let you download ds 3ds games easily and freely and unlimitedly with our game code for


Save Internatinal payment

Now you can use the International and Safe payment Paypal to buy the R4 3DSSky3ds+ or Switch flashcart in Just order with Credit card in our site firstly, only entering a Wrong credit card number, click Payment, you will get an Order ID. Send your order id and price to [email protected], we will email you Paypal Guide.

Our Paypal guide is a store link, because the flashcard site can't be connected to Paypal directly, so we running a Store in Selly to accept Paypal payment for completing order in anxchip. Don't worry, that is US as well. By the way, we also support Credit Card payments, Master Card, Debit or Gift card is Accepted.